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ecological game 'Save your tree'

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pejzazhOur blue planet, a paradise of the Universe, has come under more and more aggressive attack for last 20-30 years.



We do it ourselves, earthmen!

So how do we attack our planet?!

We absolutely pollute it ruthlessly and cruelly.

Our factories and power plants constantly smoke, polluting the air with all the elements of the periodic table and its compounds. This smoke is very harmful for our lungs and body. At the same time it harms our green friends - forests which produce oxygen for everything breathing, first of all - for people. I.e. smoke is killing us and reducing the hope for salvation.

For many years the whole human civilization has been throwing into the air hundreds of millions of tons of pollutants per year. This is a huge figure that is growing every year! We breathe much of this dirt. According to statistics, every year about 350 million tons of soot appears in the air. Even if we assume that we breathe in only 20% of this amount, on the average almost 10 kilograms is share of each person.

Do you like what you breathe?


Water is being polluted at the same pace on the planet

Supply of potable water is only 3% of its total volume in the world and this number is rapidly decreasing. Natural mechanisms cope no longer with water purification, so you have to clean it by filtration.

At the same time we should not forget that the filtered water is not like the natural one. It is devoid of life. When we drink filtered water, we do not compensate body's needs for minerals. It causes some intractable diseases of modern people.


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